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to the following people for generously donating to Taffety Punk!

(We apologize if your name is listed incorrectly. Please email to update our list. Thanks!)

The SHARE Fund

PRODUCERS ($10,000+)
Caldwell and Company
DC Commission on the Arts Humanities
Renee and Aaron Beaver

ENGINEERS ($5,000+)
Capitol Hill Community Foundation
The Morris & Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation
Victor Shargai and Craig Pascal

AMPLIFIERS ($2,500+)
Anne Mitchell
Gary and Trudy Peterson
Keith Smith

PROMOTERS ($1,000+)
The Edelman Community Fund
The Weissberg Foundation
Ian Armstrong & Adrienne Nelson
Ben Azzara
Jen Crane
Nicky Cymrot
Roy Englert & Daniel Boettcher
Micah Jensen & Chris Curtis
Martha & Grego Mountain & Goldsmith
Carl and Undine Nash
Anthony and Cathleen Nelson
Ben Owen
John Pull
Soung Wiser

ROCKERS ($500+)
All Souls Bar
Contradiction Dance
CrossCurrents Foundation
Culture Capital
Isabelle Anderson
Jag Bhalla
William Caldwell
Greg Ceton and Kathy Cashel
William Cooke
William Colgrove
James Flanagan
Tim Gooding
Gregg Henry
Glen Howard
Bonnie Kogod
Zofie Lang
Kelsey Mesa
Robin Millay
Barbara Mowat
Mark Nelson
William and Louisa Newlin
Steve Pickering
The Pryzby's
Ednajane Truax
David Quick
Daniel Wagner

oxygen rehearsal_04_21

ROADIES ($250+)
Community Foundation of the National Capital Region
Katherine Alexander
Jason Aufdem-Brinke
Don and Nancy Bliss
Daniel Bruno
Laura and John Bruno-Martin
Teresa Castracane
William Cooke
Diana Crane
Helen and Todd Cymrot
Eli Dawson
Charles Doe
Richard Fiske
Helen French
Roy and Joyce Gamse
Laurie Gillman
Edward Gramlich
William Hackett
Scott Hammar
Bonnie Hammerschlag
Nancy Hirshbein and Robert Roche
Jane Hoffman and Jill Strachan
Charlene Howard and Todd McDonald
Philippa Hughes
Bridgette and Matthew Kaiser
Michael and Maureen Kentoff
Liane Kerry
Micheline Klagsburn
Dana and Ray Koch
Maria Kokkinaki
Doug Krehbel
Raye and William Leith
Adrianne Lipscomb
Marek and Beth McCallum
Lynn McNutt
Kelsey Mesa
Jeff Miller
Lyn Beth Neylon and Charles Evans
Carole Page
Tom and Barbara Schelstrate
Laury Sendek
John Stange
E. Inez Steigerwald and Colin Browne
Patrick Taylor
Jonathan Zucker

Merribel Ayres
Tom & Charlotte Beckman
Linda Billings
Daniel Bodner
Patty Bond

TPUNK002_Still 14cropped






Anya and Rich Bruno
Carolee Bush and Miron Straf
Richard Byrne
Lisa Carr
Melba Carr
Colleen and MJ Casey
Bryant Centofanti
Rose Ann Cleveland
Kim Coletta
David Eil
Christine Farley
Kevin Finkelstein
Auriol Naquin Flavell
William and Elizabeth Fogarty
Mary Fraker
Grace Funk
Laura Gamse
Pamela Gavin
Linda Glover
Jack Gold
Joe Groves and Ellen O’Brien
Paulina Guerrero
Hope Hall
Sheila Hennessey
Rachel Herman
John Herron
Katherine and John Howell
Thomas and Teresa Ichniowski
Darius Kanga
Kelly King
Robert Lohrmann
Joan MacDonnelle
Margaret MacDonnell
Ian MacKaye
Noris Weiss Malvey
Frank Mancino
Sabrina Mandell
Muriel Marquet
Sarah Marshall
David Masterman
Jennifer Mendenhall
Jared Mercier
Joe Mitchell
Deborah Nelson
Nicholas Newlin
Louisa Nickerson
Julie Phillips
Charity Pomeroy
Melissa Randell
Andrew Reid and Erin Blake
Claire Rojstaczer
Betsy Rosen
Karin Rosnizeck
Toni Rae Salmi
Tom and Barbara Schelstrate
Barbara Shepherd
Robert Sicular
Garry and Erin Sloan
Helen Stewart
Kris Swanson
Alisa Talisman
David Tannous
Bradford Watkins
Catherine Weidner
Matt & Sarah Wilson
Michael Witmore
Jonathan Zucker

bootleg love's labours lost

"The adventurous thespians of Taffety Punk take a city with a bunch of staid Shakespeare companies that think ’adventurous’ means setting Merry Wives in the 1950s and just push it all into traffic."
The Express

FAN CLUB (up to $99)
Peggy Blechman
Gabriella Boston
Janet Boyd
Susan Breitkopf
Ellen Bresnahan
Richard Brewster
Mark Brown
Kathleen Burger
Richard Byrne
Syliva Cabus
Kathleen Cahill
Vincent and Sarah Carlson-Brown
Diane Carroad
Lynn Ceton
Josh Chapman
Jean Chemnick
Johanna Claasen
Lynette Craig
Katherine Crisham
Rosana Crupi
Jerold Cummins
Terrence Currier
Devin Day
Molly Dillon
Heather Doyle
David Eil
Dina Emig
Shawn Fagan


Valerie Fenton
Tamar Gasko
Curt Gavin
Chris Genebach
Chad Giron
Amelia Goerlitz
Jack Gold
Ian Gould
Christopher Grady
Gwen Grastorf
Emily Greif
Eleni Grove
Theo Hadjimichael
Hope Hall
Melissa Hamblet
Boneza Hanchock
Karen Hansen
Aaron Harman



Micheline Heal
Aaron Heinsman
Christopher Henley
Ryan Holman
Kris Holodak
Thomas Holzman and Alison Drucker
Jennifer Hopkins
Ellen Houseknecht
Eliza Hughes
Angela Hunter
John Keabler II
Jeff Keogh
Kent Killelea
Patrick Kilpatrick
Kelly King
Renee Klish
Aaryn Kopp
Michelle Kozlak
Anne L'Ecuyer
Deborah Lee
Amy LePage
Kate MacDonnell
Katharine MacKaye
Sabrina Mandell
Rachel Manteuffel
Michael Markarian
Sarah Marshall
Stephen and Vallerie Martin
Chelsea Mayo
Erin McCarley
Mary McCue
Julie McHugh
Jim McNeill
Jennifer Mendenhall
Heather Messera
Aimee Mithcell
Jessica Moretti
Daniel Mori
Michelle Muntifering
Katie Murphy
Nick Newlin
Cody Nickell
Mark Okrand
Sarah Olmsted Thomas
Barbara Papendorp
Kimberly Parkman
Matina Phillips
Angela Pirko
John Pirko
Bart Pogue
Erica and Howard Pressman
Corliss Preston
Theresa Reichhardt
Victoria Reinsel
Joe Reza
Glenn Ricci
Alexandra Rio
Betsy Rosen
Mike Russell
Toni Rae Salmi
Joel David Santner
James Sari
Alysia Scofield
Tia Shearer
Gillian Shelly
Kristin Shepard
Michelle Shupe
Kristy Simmons
Coral Smith
Foster Solomon
Alisa Talisman
Michael Tolaydo
David Travis
Ted van Griethuysen
Ximena Varela
Elena Velasco
Alison Waldman
Elizabeth Webster
Erin White
Susan White
Susan Whitney
Eva Wilhelm
Lynn and David Williamson
Lynne Williamson
John Wilson
Gabra Zackman
Rachel Zampelli
Kathy and Darren Zentek

These awesome folks were among the first to donate $1,000 or more to our brave cause. We celebrate their names every day.

Philippa Hughes
Sam Fleming
Anthony and Cathleen Nelson
Ryan Nelson
Christine Farley
Merribel Ayres
Anne Mayerson
Mr. and Mrs. Anonymous

Donors who ask not to disclose the amount. We salute you.
May Lee Eckley
Annie Houston
Joan MacDonnell
Pete Miller and Sara Cormeny
Howard Shalwitz

Steve Cymrot
Florence Rothschild
Margaret Fuller
Clark Sabine of Motorcycle Wars and Statehood
Richard Toma






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