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The Coolest Rockers in Theatre! In Luri and Wilma, September 2014

“With artists who dedicate themselves making to their passions and things that they love doing, the T Punks are redefining the theater industry by giving everyone the opportunity to experience theater arts for a low price.”

Photo by Brittany Diliberto


What is a theatre band? TheatreWashington Feature, September 2014

“Founded in 2004, the group grew out of a yearning to re-experience the culture of punk rock bands where artists imagine, work, play, and create as a collective. Marcus Kyd, a founding member and current Artistic Director, says that early members realized that they were ‘classically trained people with this punk problem.’ ”

Photos by Scott Suchman


The Rape of Lucrece. In the Express, October 4, 2012

“The adventurous thespians of Taffety Punk take a city with a bunch of staid Shakespeare Companies that think 'adventurous' means setting 'Merry Wives' in the 1950s and just push it all into traffic.”

Photo by Astrid Riecken for the Washington Post.




The Rape of Lucrece. Washington Post, September 27, 2012

Jessica Goldstein sits in on rehearsal and talks to the T-Punks about the process, and why we exist. "The rehearsal couldn’t feel less like a rehearsal. Instead the vibe is somewhere in between a garage-band practice and an improv workshop. The music tidal waves over the poetry, occasionally drowning out Shakespeare’s words entirely."

Photos by Astrid Riecken for the Washington Post.


Hamlet, the Bad-ass Quarto. Washington Post, August 6, 2012

Stephanie Merry interviews our very own Kimberly Gilbert, Marcus Kyd and Joel David Santner on what it takes to bootleg Shakespeare, and why it is so addictive. "The process might be terrifying and painful, but the outcome tends to be blindingly exciting, thanks in part to the magic of adrenaline." A Washington Post Editor's Pick!

Photo by Erin Mitchell.

  mr. crane  

Oxygen "packs a wallop." Washington Post, May 13, 2012

Jane Horowitz reviews our production of Oxygen. "As directed by Lise Bruneau and Chris Curtis, Williamson and Krawczyk fill the space with fiery energy and see to it that Vyrypaev’s point remains sharp amid the torrent of words and music."

Photo by Teresa Castracane.


  mr. crane  

Interview with Marcus Kyd. Art Works, the official blog of the National Endowment for the Arts, August 6, 2012

Liz Stark talks to Marcus Kyd about the history of the company, why we exist and his vision for meaningful arts support in America. "We have pretty punk values — we want to make sure everybody can afford to get in. We've set up a lot of challenges for ourselves, but we also have really high standards. Making theater affordable does not mean theater has to suffer artistically; it just means we have to push ourselves to do more with less."

Photo by Teresa Castracane


Taffety Punk chosen as one of 10 best for the arts. DC 2010

Brief but fun. Of the top ten picks of the year, we came in at 5. Although now that we think about it, it may not have been ranked. We may have all won. We sure did, because Marcus is rocking his mustache (from a turn in The Odd Couple at Theatre J) and he couldn't shave it before the photo shoot. Awesome.

"The company's whole reason to exist is to make the best theater possible at the lowest price possible so there's no excuse not to come to the theater."

Inset Photo by Powers and Crewe


Riot Grrrls: Measure for Measure. The Examiner, September 16, 2009

Emma Poltrack from the Examiner talks to our very own Lise Bruneau about our ongoing Riot Grrrls series, and her experience as a director! "My experience has shown me thus far that whatever I’m expecting to get out of a play, I’m probably going to get something very different than from what I came in thinking."

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